2nd year students of ENU L.N. Gumilyov of specialty 5В090200- “Tourism” passed professional internship at Kazakhstan Association of agro and rural tourism.

2nd year students of ENU L.N. Gumilyov specialties 5В090200- “Tourism” passed professional production practice in the Kazakhstan Association of agro and rural tourism.


From May 25 to June 13, 2020 according to the academic calendar, 2nd year students of ENU L.N. Gumilyev of specialty 5В090200- “Tourism” passed professional internship in Kazakhstan Agro and rural tourism Association.

Due to the fact that the state of emergency was introduced in the country at the beginning of the practice and the quarantine regime was established in the city due to the global pandemic COVID-19, students completed the online practice taking into account the individual tasks of the department. Preliminarily, all the necessary documents were prepared (bilateral agreement, diaries, directions, schedules, etc.) and organizational measures were taken.

The practice took place in a joint work of students, employees of the Association and supervisors from the University. This is the first experience for all participants in this process, conducted in a similar format. The guys, in the process of passing the practice and completing the tasks of the department, performed interesting practice-oriented tasks of the Association.

As part of the Assignment of the Association, students were required to collect publicly available information and structure it in the form of a report in the following sections:

1. Statistical information on tourism in the region for 2017-2019 and 2020 (if possible);

2. The list of subjects of tourism in the region, with contact details:
1) Tour operators and travel agents;

2) Placements; 

3) Recreation facilities;

4) Sanatoriums; 

5) objects of entertainment;  

3. The list of objects of tourist interest, indicating the location and photo: 

1) Cultural; 

2) Historical; 

3) Environmental; 

4) Places of rest; 

4. Events for 2017-2019 and a calendar of events for 2020. 

5. A list of artisans in the region, indicating contacts and types of products. 

6. List of Guides with contact details.

7. A list of local historians and people who know about the history of the region and iconic objects conducting research activities on issues of the region (region) with contact information.

8. The list of resources providing information on the tourism potential of the region, objects of tourist interest, useful information for tourists, guides and tourist products, with links and contact details.

9. Transport support and logistics (railway, air, auto, etc.).

10. Other information about the tourism potential of the region


The results are published by the Association on its own information resources and are in the public domain. They will be used by the Association in their current work. In the future, the information collected by students will be updated, updated and published on the public domain.

Thus, the results of the practice are introduced into the process of creating an information base in the field of tourism potential of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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