About us

The mission -  is to become a leader in the economic education of Kazakhstan and to become the leading research and educational center of demanded specialists in the field of economy and tourism that ensure a high socio-economic and cultural level of development and enhancement of competitiveness of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Educational programs of EF:

Bachelor: 6B04121 - State audit, 6B04120 (1) – Environmental audit, 6B111Service sector,  6B11102 (1) – Hotel and restaurant business,  6B04110–  Public administration, 6B04108 – Accounting, analysis and audit, 6B04109 – Banking, 6B04109 – State finance, 6B04105 – Economics of entepreneurship and business, 6B04106 – Economics of enterprises and organizations.

Master degree: 7М04121 –External and internal state audit, 6М090200 –  Tourism, 7М11102 – Organization of restaurant and hotel business, 7М04110 – Public administration, 7М04108(2) - Accounting and information and analetic software business, 7М04108 (1) – International Accounting and аudit, 7М04109 – Financial markets and financial technologies, 7М04116 – National economy.

Doctor (Ph.D): 8D04121- State Audit, 8D11102 – Tourist service: government foresight, 8D04117 - Innovation management, 8D04109 – Finance and business.


History of creation and development of economics faculty

In 1996, the faculty of Economics and Law of Akmola University named after S.Seifullin and Engineering Economy faculty of Civil Engineering Institute merged into the economic economic faculty. By the decision of Academic Council of the Eurasian National University named after L.N. Gumilyov dated July 11, 2000 was established by the Institute of the economy, which in 2003 was renamed into the Economic Institute, and in 2005 the faculty of Economics.

In 1997-2001, Doctor theses council on specialty 080005 "Economics and national economy management", in which 19 people declared including 3 and 16 master's theses.

From 2014 until present, there is the doctoral dissertations of PhD in the specialty 6D050600 – Economy and today they are defended - 22 doctoral students, including 10 graduates. 


Faculty Achievements

 In 1996, the faculty staffed at the faculty of 55 teachers, including doctors and candidates of economic and legal sciences, such as Suraganova S.K., Tkachuk S.A., Kubaev K.E., Mukasheva B.A., Sanitsky Yu .B., Nosov B.P., Nurmagabetov A.M., Gaydanov O., Tazhikenova S.K., Kalkambaev V.N., Balgabaeva V.T., Gabit Zh.Kh., Galimzhanova S.B. and others.
When combining the faculties, students were trained in 14 specialties: “Finance and Credit”, “Economics in the Social Sphere and Industries”, “Economics and Management at Transport Enterprises”, “Economics and Management at Enterprises and Industries”, “Economics and Management of Infrastructure, construction and transport "," Jurisprudence "," Fundamentals of law and economics "," Management in the social sphere and industries "," Marketing and commerce "," Organization of production "," State and municipal administration "," Pre-vocational training basis m of technical labor and a market economy ”,“ International economic relations ”. Only 4 departments functioned: economic theory, economics, management and marketing, finance and credit.

Until the academic year 2017-2018, 6 departments functioned at the faculty: Management, Economics, Finance, Accounting, Auditing and Analysis, Tourism and Economic Theory and Antitrust Regulation, 5 have been functioning since this academic year Departments: "Management", "Economics and Entrepreneurship", "Finance", "Accounting, Auditing and Analysis", "Tourism".

In the 2015-2016 academic year, about 125 highly qualified teachers work at the departments of the faculty, including 26 doctors of sciences, 83 candidates of sciences, 6 PhDs, 27 masters, 18 holders of the MES RK grant “The best university teacher”, 21 holders of the Bolashak International Scholarship.

Among them, outstanding scientists - doctors of economic sciences who made a significant contribution to the development of the Higher School: Suraganova S.K., Madiyarova D.M., Mukhambekov M.M., Sadykov T.U., Kuchukova N.K. Tolysbaev B.S. and etc.
At the moment, the faculty is one of the largest educational, scientific and administrative structural units of ENU. L.N. Gumilev and provides educational services to about 1800 students in a three-stage model of training "Bachelor - Master - Doctoral". A third of undergraduate students are holders of the Altyn Belgi badge.


The international cooperation

 The Faculty of Economics cooperates with many leading universities of both far and near abroad, such as: University of Magdeburg (Germany); University of Economics, Krakow (Poland); University of Warsaw (Poland); Vilnius University (Lithuania); University of Babesh-Bolyai (Romania); Gensang University (South Korea); Novosibirsk State University; University of Economics (Slovakia); Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (RUDN); BA School of Business and Finance (Latvia); Kosaeli University (Turkey); Xinjiang University, Urumqi (China); Tongji State University (Shanghai); University of Finance and Central Economics (Beijing), etc.

In January 2013, as part of mutual international cooperation, the first stage of the joint international research conference “Innovations in Economics” was held between the Faculty of Economics of ENU and the Institute of Management and Regional Economics (IMRE) at the Lucerne State University of Applied Sciences (Switzerland).