With diploma to the village

The open curatorial hour was organized by the "Economics" faculty, "State and Local Government-21" with the purpose of giving more information to young people and the program "With diploma to the village", which was launched in 2009 by our President on November 7, 2017. The meeting was held in the form of a round table, and special guests were also invited. In particular, the Deputy Dean for Student Affairs Shynar Kungeldikyzy, the senior curator of the Department of Management  Sholpan Yskakkyzy, and also the teachers of our department: Nurmanbetova Arailym Sakenovna, Aigerim Ersultankyzy. During the meeting, the participants discussed and discussed the current state of the program, how well it is being implemented, and how interested young people are. There were also screenings and poems based on the topic "With diploma to the village" to encourage young people. There was a question-and-answer session and a number of negative implications of the project. At the end of the conversation, guests were given a positive feedback on the project, and their opinions about the current agenda were summarized. At the end of the event, the song "Kazakh zhastary" was sounded with a chorus and ended with great impressions of visitors and spectators.