On December 11, 2017, the students of the Tour-11 group of the "Tourism" department held an open curatorial hour on the theme: "Тuуелсіздіктің арайлы ақ таңы - 16 желтоқсан!" under the supervision of the curator of the group, senior lecturer А.К. Musabayeva.

Independence is the most important treasure. "The December events that led the youth to the square were a harbinger of our independence," said President of Kazakhstan at the opening ceremony of the monument "Dawn of Freedom".

The events that have passed since the memorable December events prove that Kazakhstanis live in unity, understanding that stability and tranquility in the country, good relations and equality of all people is the key to the success and prosperity of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The program of the curatorial hour consisted of miniatures of the December event, patriotic songs, poems, dance numbers, small films about the development of independent Kazakhstan.

Such events increase the feelings of patriotism, duty, responsibility to their state, as Kazakhstan is a young country and its future depends on the current youth.

The guests of the event were deputy chairman of the branch of “Nur Otan Nursultan Nurlanly, deputy dean for educational work of the economic department Shynar Kungeldiekyzy and the teachers of the department of "Tourism" and students of the 1, 2, 3 courses of the specialty of "Tourism".