September 26, 2019 on the initiative of Professor Rakhmetulina Zh.B. оn the basis of the Youth Business Incubator ENU named after L.N. Gumilyov, a business training for first-year undergraduates of ЕP National Economy was held.

The chief specialist of YBI Gusmanova Asemgul told undergraduates that “with the help of YBI, ENU students have already launched their own business projects. They are actively engaged in entrepreneurial activity and earn on their ideas. Among the implemented ideas are the PVE Productions film academy, the DiScoVery educational center, English courses, flower delivery and other projects. Their creators are ordinary students who managed to achieve their goals and do not stop there. YBI was created specifically for ambitious and focused youth. If you want to become an entrepreneur, to benefit society or fulfill your cherished dream, it’s enough to present your idea and be ready for its implementation. ”
Asemgul emphasized that the main goal is to teach the basics of business within the walls of the incubator, cooperation with successful entrepreneurs.
Professor Rakhmetulina Zh.B. noted that “the development of startups and entrepreneurship in Kazakhstan is the driving force of the economic development of society. Kazakhstan startups have not only great ideas, but also the desire to realize them. Their innovative approach and industriousness contribute to positive changes in the economic and social spheres - the emergence of new products on the market, the creation of additional jobs and an increase in the level of human well-being in Kazakhstan”.