Excursion to “Alzhir” memorial-museum

October 11, 2017, the 1st course students of the “Tourism” department visited the “Alzhir” memorial-museum in Akmol village, which was organized by senior lecturer of “Tourism” department Gizzatzhanova A.G. the tour was organized accordance with the “International Tourism day” which was held on September 27.

Under the guidance of group supervisors and teachers of the 1st course students of “Tourism” department Sharapayeva B.Zh., Agybetova R.E., Yesenbayeva A.E., Mussabayeva A.K., Zhubatkan Zh.S., Baiymbetova A.B., Kusainova A.K., Tukibayeva K.B., and Akhylbekova B.R., about 120students were acquainted with the history of “Alzhir” memorial-museum.  Here was the notorious camp “ALZHIR” – “Akmola camp for wives of traitors to Motherland” which during many years was the house for more than 18 000 women. Women whose guilty consisted only in the fact that they were simply wives of the arrested and shoot parricides. The students got acquainted with these exhibits and felt the life of prisoners and felt the difficult life of that time.