Excursion to the museum of the central branch of the National Bank of Kazakhstan

On November 14, 2017, on the eve of the National Currency Day, Professor of the Department of Finance Yessymkhanova  Zeinegul  Klyshbekovna organized an excursion to the Museum of the Central Branch (Astana city) in order to familiarize students with the specialty "Finance" with the history of the development of the monetary system of the Republic of Kazakhstan and coin and banknote products of the National Bank of the Republic Kazakhstan.The museum was visited by 1st year students of the specialty "Finance" and doctoral student of the 1st course of the "Finance" department Ramazanova Shynar.
            During the excursion we got acquainted with the exhibits, from the XII century to the present. The expositions present the main stages in the evolution of the monetary system - banknotes and coins that have ever been circulated on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, from the Silk Road to the modern banknotes of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
            It has become an established tradition for students to visit the specialty "Finance" of the museum of the Central Branch (Astana city) every year on the eve of the national currency day celebration for acquaintance, both with the history and with the achievements of the monetary and banknote production of Kazakhstan.