Excursion to a karaoke-restaurant "Accord" on the subject of "Organization and management of business processes in Tourism".

       The excursion was arranged on the subject of "organization and management of business processes in Tourism" at a karaoke-restaurant "Accord". Lecturer Sharapaeva B.Zh.

     The tour was conducted the students of Tour-41, working in the restaurant, and the tourists were students from Tur-21 and Tur-23.

       The purpose of the trips is to show students through practice how to use the theory of tourism business in the restaurant business. To answer questions like how to start a restaurant business how to manage, to teach the finer points of guest service and sales in this field. This tour should help students in writing courseworks on the restaurant business.


       Accord  has a signature restaurant menu with a great selection of appetizers and dishes of European and Japanese cuisine. At the entrance we see the lobby where guests are greeted, followed by a shopping center. The trading room consists of a main hall and 3 VIP rooms and a bar. Capacity of the restaurant, a common room with 50 seats and 3 VIP hall with 36 seats. A karaoke restaurant, the Accord stands out for its refined interior, high tech facilities, friendly staff and customers from high society.

     Students were acquainted with the basic rules of service and serving, various types of food and drinks. Karaoke Restaurant Accord adheres to the world's serviceIn this institution, serving initially served, but before serving the table is complemented by devices to order. It was also said that when servicing the waiter plays an important role, he must timely accept and submit the order, timely clean up the used dishes, cutleries.The students asked themselves in the role of waiter, barman and manager. In this game in the role of waiter, a student, served the guest according to the rules of serving, served dishes and appliances, as a bartender tried to choose the right glasses and appropriate drinks, and the manager controlled the process. 


      During the excursion the students got a great impression and learned a lot from the sphere of restaurant business and was satisfied.