Associate Professor of the Department of Tourism, Mutalieva LM organized a guest lecture of the director of the "Mumtaz" restaurant’s chain of Akhtaeva Botagoz Seykhanovna

On October 16, 2016, a guest lecture on the theme "Restaurant business" was organized and held for students of the 4th year of the specialty "Tourism".

Service is a systemic set of complexly organized and interrelated actions aimed at providing services in a system of agreed terms. Communication of personnel with customers is characterized by features that are inherent only to the service team.

Director of the restaurant network "Mumtaz" Akhtayeva Botagoz Seytkhanovna in the framework of the lecture acquainted students with restaurants, cafes, cafeteria, eateries, canteens, which are part of the "Mumtaz" chain. The students got acquainted with the work of the restaurant "Mumtaz", as well as with the traditions of culinary craftsmanship. She also talked about the basic requirements for the rooms of food, depending on the functional purpose, the differences. There were discussed the issues of business organization, management, work with personnel, menu (menu types), marketing and restaurant advertising. The issues of psychology of service are discussed, the general laws of which have their own peculiar coloring.

The advantage of conducting such classes is the consolidation of theoretical knowledge of students and the acquisition of professional skills, the consultation of practical specialists. Participants of the meeting asked interesting questions and shared their ideas on improving the restaurant business of our country.

Upon completion, the students expressed their gratitude for the organization of the lesson, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Assistant Professor Mutalieva LM. and the university leadership for the opportunity to hold a guest lecture of the director of the restaurant "Mumtaz".