November 2, 2017 Master of Economics, Senior Lecturer of the Department "Economics and Entrepreneurship" Dosmaganbetov N.S. gave a lecture on the discipline "Macroeconomics" to students of the second year of the PS 5В050600 "Economics" and other specialties of the economic faculty with the invitation of young entrepreneurs and coaches of the "Start up" business school of our university.

Yernar Bitimirov and other young successful entrepreneurs told about their business initiatives and showed on practical examples, what difficulties and problems can arise in business activity in conditions of uncertainty. The topical issues of success, profitability and profitability were discussed in the daily practice of the entrepreneur.

At the end of the lecture, the participants answered questions from students who, after the event, enrolled in a monthly course on starting their own business.

Conducting guest lectures of young entrepreneurs, business coaches on entrepreneurship is one of the directions of the "School of the Entrepreneur" of the department "Economics and Entrepreneurship".