Guest lectures and scientific activities of representatives of the "Tourism" Department, ENU in Omsk state technical University in honor of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Head of the "Tourism" department ENU L.N. Gumilyov Ph.D. A.A. Duissembayev and Professor of the Department  N.A. Uruzbayeva, as well as a number of teachers, from  November 26  to  December 7, 2017, take a course for rising qualifications on the theme "Innovation in the development of higher education. Modern methodology and technology of teaching "in Omsk State Pedagogical University (Omsk, Russian Federation).  It is worth while to say that outside of the educational process PhD Duissembaev A.A. and Doctor of economic sciences Uruzbayeva N.A. visited the Omsk state technical University, during that he met with the head of the Department "Tourism, hotel business and restaurant business" E. V. Kulagina and Director of the Institute of design and technology S. A. Polinski.


During the meetings, issues of further cooperation’s were discussed. So, in May 2014 between the rector of the ENU. L.N. Gumilyov and Omsk State Service Institute, a memorandum of cooperation was concluded on the basis of which the students of the specialty "Tourism" for 4 years passed international practice on the basis of the Omsk State Institute of Service. In the current academic year, the department also plans to organize and conduct international students' practice on the basis of this institute. However, due to the fact that the Institute was included into the structure of Omsk state technical University with the assignment of Federal status, the question was raised about the need for the renegotiation of the Memorandum.

Therefore, the connection with the celebration of the First President Day in Kazakhstan on December1, they moved on 2nd of December (Saturday) the guest lectures with the students of the "Tourism, hotel business and restaurant business" Department was planned to conduct by Head of "Tourism" Department, L.N. Gumilyov ENU, A.A. Duissembayev and Professor of the Department N.A. Urazbayeva at Omsk state technical University. In addition, they participated in the round table on the theme "Development of tourism business: a comparative analysis of foreign practices."