on industrial practice

of the Department of Economics and Entrepreneurship


In accordance with the Working Plan for the 2021-2022 academic year and the schedule of Academic calendars, 4th year students majoring in 5B050600- Economics EP were sent to internships from 03.01.2022 to 12.02.2022:

Kazakh group

·        5B050600 Economics - 34 students;

·        According to the Experimental Education Program (EEP) in this specialty - 10 students;

·        Russian group

·        5 students majoring in Economics 5B050600.

 In total, 61 students of the department are undergoing internships on the basis of tripartite and bilateral agreements. By regions, it is held in the following cities and regions: Kazakh group: Nur-Sultan - 26, Shymkent - 2, Kyzylorda - 3, Taraz - 1, Pavlodar - 2, Semey - 3, Karaganda - 1, Mangistau - 3, Almaty - 2, Atyrau - 1.

Russian group: Nur-Sultan - 10, Pavlodar - 1, Semey - 1, Almaty - 2, Atyrau - 1, Aktau - 2.

 Currently, in accordance with the instructions of the main building, announced in connection with the state of emergency in the country, students are required to leave the internship on 19.01.2022. After January 19, students continue their internships offline in enterprises and institutions.

Students completed the following tasks during the online internship:

·        Get acquainted with the structure and activities of the enterprise;

·        got acquainted with the staff and departments of the enterprise;

·        Concerning paperwork;

·        Get acquainted with the grouping of oil and gas wells depending on their function;

·        Familiarized with safety instructions;

·        Get acquainted with the basic rules of industrial practice;

·        Participation in the development of public procurement;

·        Monitoring the introduction of goods on the online platform.

 Even today, most of the internships are still conducted remotely, which will be until 01.02.2022, according to enterprises, in particular, the Development Bank of Kazakhstan, Jupiter Research Center, UMC Corporate Fund, Samruk-STROY LLP, JSC "KazTransGas", LLP "LSP-KZ", LLP "Stroy-Astana-Service", LLP "Orda Capital AST", JSC "Turgai Petroleum", LLP "Credit Partnership" Kamkorshy "LLP, JSC AstanaGasService, LLP Munaigasproekt-service, LLP SILA, LLP Led system media-LED system media, Department of State Revenues in Nur-Sultan, LLP Astana-Auto-Stroy, LLP AZApharm, LLP Al Kon Ser ltd, JSC Kazakhstan National Space Travel National Company, LLP Eurasian Group, JSC "Kazakhstan Center for Public-Private Partnership ”, Almaty oblast akim's office Nur-Sultan, Kazakhtelecom JSC, Kazpoligraf LLP, Anega-Kazakhstan LLP, Nurly-Zher farm.

Tasks performed during the offline:

·        Analysis, verification of internal information of the enterprise;

·        Analysis of the main technical and economic indicators of the enterprise;

·        Study of local regulations, management structure and features of the enterprise;

·        Participate in the development of the company's strategy for the coming year;

·        Analysis of the annual report;

·        Assistant manager with customers of the enterprise.

Students were given a special workplace equipped with a computer on the basis of the internship.