Intellectual game on the topic "Development of Agriculture - in the hands of youth "

The intellectual game-lesson "Development of agriculture - in the hands of the youth" was held March 12, 2018 students of the 3-course group E-31. The game was held by teacher E.Shalbulova. The game involved two teams of "Flora" and "Fauna", the 6 students in each team.

The purpose of intellectual game-lesson:

-striving to improve knowledge through various games, to raise the level of students' knowledge;

-support the intellectual development of students;

-check the knowledge acquired on the subject "Agricultural Economics".

The intellectual game-lesson consisted of 3 stages:

1. Question-answer

2. The right / wrong

3. The four images one word.

At the end of the game the jury composed of teachers of the department Tlesova E., Kurash N. the highest score of 3 rounds command "Flora" was named the winner, it was awarded a diploma. Also, students actively participate in the game received a variety of awards and promotions.