Intellectual game "Tugan zher"

On April 5, 2018, within the framework of the scientific decade, students of the scientific society "Baiterek" ща еру вуфзкеьуте Tourism conducted an intellectual game "Tugan zher". Representatives of 1-2 courses of the specialty of "Tourism" participated in the game. The game consisted of 3 stages:

1. "The smartest"

2. "I know my Kazakhstan"

3. "What? Where? When?"

  Purpose of the intellectual game:

• Raise the prestige of knowledge, promote the intellectual development of the individual.

• Educate the individual through the development of interest in knowledge and a variety of intellectual games.

• Develop the intellectual abilities of undergraduate students.


Educational goal: to inform students that spiritual revival is the guarantee of a successful of educated country, thereby giving information about the history, geography and celebrities of the country.

The jury consisted of senior teachers of the department of "Tourism": Alimbekov Damirbek Askarbekovich and Shaimova Aygerim Nurlybekovna.

The prizes were distributed as follows:

I place - Tour-27 (Sparta team)

II place - Tour-22 (team "Grizzly")
                       Tour-23 (team "Barys")

III place - Tour-17 (team "Legend №17")
                        Tour-25 (team "Shyn")

Teams were awarded diplomas I, II, III degrees, also each participant was awarded certificates for participation.