Department of Management Curator hour "With a diploma to the village!".

September 28, 2018, the curatorial lesson on the topic “With a diploma to the village” was organized in the graduation group in the specialty “State and local management”, SLM - 41, from the Faculty of Economics of the Eurasian National University. L.N. Gumilyov.Candidates of Economic Sciences, Assistant Professors of the Management Department: Barlykov E.K., TurmakhmanbetovaSh.Sh., SaparalievaK.S., Zhanseitova G.S. attended the event aparalievaK.S., Zhanseitova G.S. attended the event



"With a diploma - in the village!" is a new job opportunity for young professionals. The President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, NursultanAbishevich, openly said in his words: “Now we need to look for work not from the city, but from the village, now during the crisis we are supported by the village, in order to maintain work in the village and maintain the city, it is necessary to integrate private farms, villagers and small farms ".
The energy of a qualified young generation will improve the human resources of the village. Our duty is to work hard for the prosperity of the country and for the well-being of the village.