Department of Management provided guest lecture by Arman Shokparov on the topic: "Successful career: challenges and prospects"

11/27/2017, for the guest lecture on "Successful Career: Challenges and Prospects", Head of the Career Center of the Bureau of Continuous Professional Development of the International Center in Astana, Arman Shokparov, was invited by the Department of Management.

The students of the 4th course of the educational program "Management" took part in the guest lecture.

The purpose of the guest lecture was to inform graduates about the practice of compiling a competent resume and successfully passing the interview.

The lecturer told the graduates about the types of interview and their effective passage, and also explained in detail how to write a competent presentable resume in order to interest the employer.

At the same time, the graduates were advised on how to behave in an interview with employers, which line of behavior should be adhered to when сhоosing answers to employers' questions.

In general, the guest lecture was interesting and informative. Graduates received the necessary information about the opportunities for a successful career and employment practices.