December 4, 2017 Department of Economics and Entrepreneurship held a contest "Best Innovative Project among Students" on the initiative of the Head of the Department Rakhmetulina Zhibek and the Head of the School of the Entrepreneur Ryspekova Madina.

This competition was held to encourage young people to engage in science and invention, to encourage young start-ups, to prepare them for entering the market.

About 700 students and undergraduates of all specialties of the ENU participated in the Contest.

Vice-rector for strategic development of ENU Kanaev S. awarded the winners of the Competition with university diplomas and gifts.

1 place - Bralin T., Zeynolla N., Zepkhanov E. (specialty: "Computer Science", Head B.Bekbenbetova)
1 place- Amangeldinov A., Kaniatov A., Zhannurov N., Sarymova L., Kablanbaev M., Yesenov A., Akimzhanov A. (specialty: Radio engineering, electronics and telecommunications, Faculty of Physics and Technology, head M. Ryspekova)
2 place - Aidarkhan Aidana, Asauy Elaman, Zhonibek Maral, Khabdil Shykhyskhan, Myrzayaliyev Kaynar, Nadir Nirdjulet, Өmirkhan Іңkәr, Sultan Rahman, Tunkebai Zhasulan (specialty "Construction", head Karipova A.)
2 nd place - Bernieva V., Serikbaev D. (specialty "International relations", head A. Akmuldina)
3 place - Yerlanizyzy Alua, Shal'arova Samal (specialty "Foreign language", head of Shaikhanova G.)
3 place - Zholymbayeva S., Egizbek K., Yesetova Zh., Dyusambaev A., Kuanyshev A. (specialty Nuclear physics, head Ryspekova M.)