Round table about «Youth and religion»

It is known that religion is one of the main factors contributing to solving the problems of national security and ensuring that appropriate mechanisms are considered to address these situations. We need to consider new alternative paradigms of religion to promote national security in order to prevent the ideology of negative destructive religious movements that propagate religious intolerance. It is this strategy that ensures the security of every citizen, society and state, as well as the religion that unites the people of Kazakhstan as a mechanism for justifying religious policy. On March 5, 2018, the roundtable "Youth and Religion" was held, organized by the Management-11 group at the Faculty of Economics. To share their knowledge and experience with this subject, religious scholar Kenshilik Tushkan and curator Aygerim Yersultankyzy attended the event. During the conference, the students of the group, in particular Maratov Nurbek, Kadyrkesheva Madina, read their reports and shared their thoughts on this topic. After that, the conference was open for discussion. Students asked each other and guests different questions.