Round table on the topic of "Tourism, integrating Astana and the regions: importance and problems."

On October 31, 2018 at the L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University the round table organized by the department of "Tourism" of the Faculty of Economics on the theme: "Tourism, integrating Astana and the regions: importance and problems." The main task of the round table was an exchange of views on the current state and problems of the tourism industry of the capital and regions, its role and place in the country's economy, on promising directions for the development of domestic and inbound tourism, which is especially important in the context of the Message of the President of Kazakhstan to the people of Kazakhstan.

The meeting was begun by the welcoming speech of the Vice-Rector for Socio-Cultural Development - Dikhan Kamzabekuly.

This was followed by the speech of Academician Dyussenbekov Zayrolla Dyusenbekovich. He focused on the centuries-old connection established between man and horses, which can be lost over time, in view of the distance of man. In this connection, it is necessary to revive the traditional for the Kazakhs movement in the territory of the Great Steppe, in the sacred places of Kazakhstan.

This idea was reflected in the personal experience of a group of activists who made horse trips according to independently developed routes. Berik Ahmediyauly Akilbekov, one of the representatives of this group, made a presentation of a photo report on the results of horseback riding tours, in which representatives of the Hungarian side also took part.

The idea of ​​developing equestrian tourism in prominent places in Kazakhstan received a positive response from representatives of the tourist business - President of the Association of Tour Operators of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Ray Inna.

The reports of the faculty of the department "Tourism" were also heard - the head of the department "Tourism", candidate of economic sciences, associate professor Duissembayev Azamat Aldashovich, doctor of economic sciences, professor Syzdykbaeva Bakyt Uzakbayevna, candidate of economic sciences, and Professor Temirbulatova Madina Abugalievna and PhD, Professor Sekenuly Aday.

During the round table meeting, special attention was paid to the factors and conditions for the further development of domestic and inbound tourism in Kazakhstan, in particular through the development of equestrian tourism, for which Kazakhstan has a huge untapped tourist resource potential.