Curatorial hour in groups F42 and F44 on the topic "Prevention of extremism and terrorism»

The modern world in the context of globalization is experiencing a difficult era of its existence. An era when the world is being United and destroyed. One of the most difficult socio-political problems of modern society is extremism.

The young people, due to their social characteristics and sharp perception of the environment, are the part of society in which the accumulation and realization of negative protest potential occurs most quickly. Under the influence of social, political, economic and other factors, radical views and beliefs more easily formed among youth people who are most susceptible to destructive influence.

In order to foster a sense of tolerance, promote spiritual improvement and self-realization, as well as strengthen the sense of  Kazakhstan's patriotism, on October 3, 2020, a curatorial hour on the topic "prevention of extremism and terrorism" was held in the F42 and F44 groups of the specialty "Finance".

The curatorial hour was held by senior lecturer of the Department of Finance, PhD Azhmukhamedova A. on the online platform in the Teams program