Curatorial hour in the group B3-50900-02 specialty «Finance» to discuss the Message of President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev «KAZAKHSTAN IN A NEW REALITY: TIME FOR ACTION»

On 07.09.2020, the curator of the group B0-50900-02 (f-32), associate Professor Toregozhina M.B. held a curatorial hour to discuss the Message of the President K.Tokayev of KAZAKHSTAN IN the NEW REALITY: a TIME for ACTION from 01.09.2020

The moderators were students Golubeva Daria (Tax policy) and Khamitov Eldos (monetary policy). The discussion was held online on the Zoom platform.

Conference IDs 733 0668 2343. Password Pp99nj.

 They discussed the need to create a New monetary policy structure within the national Bank: «We must also increase confidence in monetary policy. Therefore, it was decided to create a monetary policy Committee in the structure of the National Bank. It will also include independent members»

Revision of the Tax Code, digitalization of tax and customs structures Digitalization of the tax and customs spheres will seriously help in the fight against the «shadow economy» in all its manifestations. Moreover, corruption is fueled by the «shadow economy».

On the role of the state. «The government needs to adopt a new privatization plan. The state should have only social facilities, as well as facilities that ensure the security and functioning of the state». «The Agency for financial regulation and the National Bank need to take additional regulatory measures to increase the responsibility of credit institutions, as well as to differentiate and reduce the marginal rates on loans»