Methodological apparatus of scientific research

On September 28, 2019, a scientific and methodological seminar for doctoral students of the 1st year of study at the Faculty of Economics on the topic “Methodological apparat of scientific research” was held. At the beginning of the seminar, the dean of the faculty, Doctor of Economics, Professor Makysh S.B. addressed the audience, who introduced the participants to the requirements for the educational and scientific process in doctoral studies. Then, the main report was made by Doctor of Economics, Professor Uruzbaeva N.A. The report highlighted issues related to the substantiation of the relevance of the topics of doctoral dissertations, the algorithm for writing a dissertation, the correct setting of goals and objectives, the choice of research methodology.

   Professor Uruzbaeva N.A. She also answered numerous questions of doctoral students and held a consultation on the correct formulation of the goal, objectives, object and subject of the study.

The participants recognized the seminar as very useful and fruitful. The seminar was organized by Uruzbaeva N.A., Chairperson of the NMS with the support of Deputy Dean for Science Bakirbekova A.M.