Scientific internship at Akdeniz University

Akimov Zhaksylyk Makmutovich, a doctoral student of the Department of Tourism, underwent a scientific internship from February 20 to May 20, 2019 at the Department of Tourism Management of Akdeniz University (Antalya, Turkey) under the direction of PhD, Professor Nedim Yuzbashioglu.

In accordance with the program of scientific internships at Akdeniz University, he attended lectures of teachers of the Faculty of Tourism, worked in the University’s scientific library on the theme “Development of ethnic tourism in the Akmola region”. During the period of scientific internship also took part in the following activities:

• March 1, 2019 Meeting "Sezona Merhaba", organized by Eczacıbaşı Professional;

• March 18, 2019 meeting with Ilkay ATMACA, CEO of the Association of Professional Hotel Managers POYD (Association of Professional Business Managers of Turkey).

• April 9, 2019 Cem KINAY Discussion Lecture by a Famous Tourism Specialist.

• April 15-22, 2019 Ecotourism Workshop, organized by the province of Burdur (certificate of participation);

• April 22, 2019 Seminar on the “All Inclusive” system (certificate of participation);

• April 27, 2019, is the day of tourist events organized by Akbank on the topic “Digital Transformation in Tourism”.

As well as during the internship, an excursion was organized in various directions of Turkey in order to familiarize with the organization of rural, beach, historical and cultural tourism. These include: Istanbul - the historical and cultural center of Rome and the Ottoman Empire, beach tourism in Antalya (Mediterranean), Salda national park - eco-tourism, in the villages of Yesilova and Chakirlar - gastronomic and rural tourism, Sparta - cultural tourism.

Following the internship program, Z. Akimov sent an article to the 8th National Congress of Rural Tourism (8. Ulusal Kırsal turizm) and received a special certificate from Akdeniz University.