Report on the conduct of the image event of the faculty of economics department of “Management”. Guest lecture – Trademarks

November 14, 2018 at the department of “Management” for 3rd year students majoring 5B05700 – Management held a guest lecture with representatives of the ICP “Eurasian Brands” . Company Eurasian Brands has been working since 2015 as an individual entrepreneur and, in 2017 , to meet the market demand for competitiveness in the field of intellectual property.

The center resolves all unclear and complex administrative barriers associated with any action in the acquisition, maintenance, protection, transfer and alienation of intellectual property rights.

Representatives of the Center spoke about the types of trademarks, which elements can be registered as a trademark, registration procedures of trademark.

The lecture was accompanied by many examples of creating successful brands from domestic and foreign experience. The lecture aroused great interest among students due to the active involvement of the audience in the discussion. At the end of the lecture, the students asked the representatives of the Center numerous questions.

The guest lecture was organized by the senior lecturer department of “Management” Zhunusova A.Zh. within the framework of the discipline “Brand management”