Report on the conduct of the image event of the faculty of economics department of “Management. Guest lecture – Stress Management

   November 20, 2018 at the department of “Management” for 2nd year students majoring 5B05700 – Management held a guest lecture in the format of interactive training with a qualified method specialist “Key” expert on working with stress, Yerzhan Nurshanov.

   He spoke about his professional life experience : about education, projects and businesses in which he was involved.

   Yerzhan Nurshanov outlined in detail the causes and mechanisms of stress, as well as shared various techniques and methods to overcome stress. Stress is not always negative and everyone needs small amounts of it. It turns out that during stress, the human body produces the hormone adrenaline, which makes you look for a way out of the problem.

   Yerzhan Nurshanov noted the need to develop the ability to resist stress, to set a positive attitude to life.

   At the end of the lecture, the speaker Yerzhan Nurshanov answered the students questions, and the “Key” method, conducted by the lecturer, taught the methods of overcoming stress through physical exercise. 

   The guest lecture was organized by the senior lecturer of the department of “Management” Zhunusova A.ZH.  as part of the discipline “Management”