Report on holding a final conference on research practice for 2-year undergraduates of “Management” Department

On 31.03.2021 the final online conference on research practice for 2nd year undergraduatesof the specialty "Entrepreneurship Management", «Innovation Management»,  «Public administration»  was held at Teams.

The conference was attended by 39undergraduatesof specialty "Entrepreneurship Management", «InnovationManagement», «Public administration»  and a commission of 4 teachers from the "Management" department.

         The conference was held on protocol.First, the organizer of the online conference, responsible for the Department of Management for organizing the practice of doctoral studies Utarbaeva G.K., spoke. Shenamedthepurposeandobjectivesofthepractice.And she turned to undergraduateswith questions on the problems of practical training in organizations and enterprises.2nd year doctoral students OmirhzakShershan, TemirbekovTair, and ZhanatovaAdelya spoke on their reportand told how and where the practice took place and what problems were when collecting material on the organization. Then other undergraduatesspoke.

         The commission consisting of members of the department Tolysbaev B.S. Utarbaeva G.K., Kirdasinova K.A., Khasenova K.K. asked questions on the organization and practical training in enterprises.


         At the end of the conference, the organizer of the online conference G. K. Utarbaeva summed up the results of the protection of research practice reports.