New season of scientific seminars of the Club of economists Ystyq Shelpek has opened!

         On September 12, 2022, new season of scientific seminars of the Club of Economists "Ystyq Shelpek" opened in а.517 ULC. The guest lecture was held by the well-known economist and financier of Kazakhstan, Doctor PhD Yergali Mukanuly Dosmagambet.

       The seminar with a welcoming speech was opened by the Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Doctor of economics, professor Makysh S.B. and head of Department of "Economics and Entrepreneurship" Doctor of economics, professor Maidyrova A.B.

            Head of the Ystyq Shelpek Club PhD Myrzakhmet Zh.K. spoke about the history of the foundation, the basic principles and goals of the Club's seminars for doctoral students of the 1st year of study and guests - professors from the Republic of Belarus. The main goal of the Club is to gain theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of economic research through reading, discussing and publishing articles in the best scientific journals in the world of economic profile. Based on this goal, the Club has chosen the following areas of its activity:

• Organization and holding of a scientific seminar called Ystyq Shelpek with review reports of articles from the ten best economic journals in the world;

• Promoting, through the above actions, the publication of articles by members of the Club in these and other scientific journals of an economic profile with a high rating (Scopus, Web of Science).

         Then the speaker, Doctor PhD Ergali Dosmagambet spoke and began his lecture with information about himself. He completed his Ph.D  in Economics study in the University of Avernus, France. Worked at the Institute of Central Asian Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) as Deputy Director for Science (Urumqi, China); at Nazarbayev University as director of the Department of Administration of Scientific Research; in the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the regulation of natural monopolies and protection of competition as the director of the Department for the regulation of telecommunications, air navigation and mail; At the Branch of the Institute of Technology of Southern Alberta (Canada) as the national director (Atyrau); to the Office of the Akimat of the Atyrau region, Deputy Akim of the Atyrau region, Atyrau; in the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan as the head of the economic research department, deputy director of the Center for Advanced Studies and adviser to the Chairman of the Board.

         Yergali Dosmagambet drew the attention of the audience to the increasingly deepening lag of science in Kazakhstan and other post-Soviet countries, including economic science, from developed countries due to the isolation of scientists from the scientific thought of economically advanced countries. This comes from poor knowledge of English, which accounts for 80% of all scientific publications, the inability to read the latest scientific articles, to keep abreast of the latest advances in science. Dr. E. Dosmagambet told the doctoral students about his experience of preparing a dissertation for a PhD degree at the French University of Avernus, about possible mistakes and misunderstanding of terms when translating from one language to another, so you need to be able to read articles in the original.

         Dr. E. Dosmagambet answered the questions of doctoral students and guests of the seminar. When asked what he thinks about the Bologna system of education in the light of the refusal of the universities of the Russian Federation from it, E. Dosmagambet replied that the rejection of the Bologna system could lead to further lagging behind and the collapse of education in the country, since science is not being done by individuals now, cooperation is needed and creation of networks of scientists-researchers.

        The seminar was attended by teaching staff and doctoral students of the 3rd year of study at the Department of Economics and Entrepreneurship, professors from the Republic of Belarus Shkutko Oksana and Petrushkevich Elena, master students from RUDN University (Russia), studying under the double diploma system at ENU.