Open curatorial hour on the topic "December 1 is the Day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan"

On November 30, 2017 an open curatorial hour was organized by the curator of the MN-12 group Nurmanbetova Araylym Sakenovna, a teacher of the Department of Management with the aim to expand knowledge about the leader of the Kazakh people, the first president of the Republic of Kazakhstan, N.A. Nazarbayev. The meeting was held in an interactive form, and special guests were also invited. In particular, the deputy dean for student affairs Shynar Kulgeldikyzy, as well as the teachers of our department: Ospanova Ainash Tolebaevna, Mangybaeva Azhar Maratovna.


At the beginning of the curatorial hour, students of the academic group MN-12 made a presentation on the "Life Path of the Head of State": Batyrbaev Shyngys, Baktygereev Rahman, Junerbaev Kairat. Then there was a video "N.A. Nazarbayev is a man-era. " And also students of the academic group MN-12 Abdrakhmanova Lyazzat and Adilshin Islam read excerpts from the book of N.A. Nazarbayev.


At the end of the open curatorial hour the student of the MN-12 group Kolesnikova Angelica in Kazakh expressively read Magzhan Zhumabaev's song "Men zhastar senemin!" To motivate students. In general, the event was organized in an interesting way.



On the whole, the open curatorial hour was patriotic and all the tasks were accomplished, such as the formation of patriotism, peace, national accord, active citizenship among students; development of cognitive abilities; increase students' interest in the pages of Russian history; the upbringing of a sense of patriotism, pride for one's country for first-year students.