An open curatorial hour on the theme "Elbasy yenseletken Yelorda"

November 30, 2017 in the House of Students №4 senior teachers of the Department "Management", curators of the group GMU-11 and GMU-13 Amrenova G.K. and Ersultankyzy A. were organized an open curatorial hour on the theme "Elbasy yenseletken Yelorda" dedicated to the Day of the First President of Kazakhstan.


The purpose of organizing an open curatorial hour was to inform students about the life of the first president of the Kazakhstan Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev, about his birth, education, ministry, the example of the leader of the nation, love of the Motherland, love of the people, courage, patriotism. And special guests were also invited. In particular, the staff of the Department of Social and Civil Development, the dean of the Faculty of Economics, in the main building of our university. The head of the department is Tolysbaev B.S., assistant dean for work with students Kungeldykyzy Sh, teachers of the department "Management" and other faculties (ASF, TEF).



The solemn event began with a hymn and Kenzhekhanova Mahabbat and Kanatova Danagul acted as a host, read students' verses and showed a video about the life of our president and told with the student of the GMU-11 Beisenbai Kuat as a president and Mukanov Nurbanu sang the song "Atameken". At the end of the event, the song "Alga, Kazakhstan" sounded and event came to the end with a great impression on visitors and spectators.