Open curatorial hour "the Pedestal of independence is high" in the framework of independence Day

At L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University., active 2nd year students of the specialties "Management" and "Human Resource Management" of the Management Department, held an open curatorial hour "The Pedestal of Independence is High" as part of Independence Day. The initiator of the open curatorial hour is an assistant professor, candidate of economic sciences. Saparalieva Kulshat Sailbekqyzy. 

The event was opened by Dean of the Faculty of Economics Professor Serik Bikhanovich Makysh. Emphasizing that independence was a great gift, he expressed his desire for students to wave our blue flag on heights through the heights of education and art. A minute of silence was held in honor of those killed in the events of 1986.

The open curator hour was attended by the senior curator of the Department of Management Nurkenova Makpal Zhanbyrshinovna, the winners of the competition “Youth of the Capital - 2019” Oral Abdrauf and Qulshar Kalybek.

Further congratulations from the guests spoke about the importance of Independence Day. After greeting the guests of honor, the event continued with the execution of cuys. Students showed an excerpt from the events of 1986. Patriotic songs were performed, patriotic music was played music, verses were read. At the end of the event, the song “Kok tudyң zhelbiregenі” was sung, and the event dedicated to raising students' feelings of patriotism came to an end