An open curatorial hour on the topic «Тәуелсіздік- ұлт тағдыры”

On the eve of Independence Day, our university holds various activities  devoted to the achievements of our country.  On December 13, under the leadership of the head of Tourism Department, Faculty of Economics, Dyusembaev Azamat Aldashevich, students of the Tour-31 group of the Tourism specialty an open curatorial hour on the topic «Тәуелсіздік- ұлт тағдыры” (Independence is the destiny our nation).


The event was held in the framework of 3 areas: "economic growth over the years of independence", "development of the tourism sector over the years of independence", "business tourism in the city of Nur-Sultan." The event was attended by 3-year students of the "Tourism" specialty and representatives of professorship  and teaching staff of the faculty of “Economics.”


 Among the guests were a Director of Social and Civil Development department of ENU Alkozha Rustem Abdiokapovich, candidate of economic sciences, an honourable worker of National Bank of Kazakhstan and a professor of Finance Department Daurenbek Mazhitov, who shared their memories of the national currency value  at the beginning  sovereignty of the country, and also shared their stories throughout the years of independence and other  candidates of economic sciences and professors of Tourism Department, namely, Syzdykbaeva Bakhyt Uzakbaevna, Yeshenkulova Gaukhar Ilyasovna, Adai Sekenovich, Sabataeva Botakoz Omarovna, Seyduallin Darken Amangeldievich.


 It is worth to mention, that the chairman of the Nur-Sultan city branch of the Republican Military-Political Movement “Zhas Sarbaz” also participated in the round table.  During the event, a spiritually significant dialogue was created between teachers and students.