Open educational hour on the topic "No to the Drugs"

On December 5, 2017 there were held the open lesson "No to the Drugs", organized by the 3 rd course Tur-33 of the Department of Tourism and the curator of the group Yerkesh Kassymbekovna. The teachers of the department Assel Batyrkhanovna, Aidar Khamzeyevich, Kuralay Bazarbekovna and students of group Tur-23 took part in the lesson.


The educational hour was held according to curatorial plan of Tour-33. The purpose of the educational hour is to promote a healthy lifestyle, the key to the health of the nature, the main principles of health protection: to educate students to avoid harmful habits, to protect the world from drug addiction, to develop moral qualities of students, to understand and preserve the value of health.

Booklets with the sign "Narcotics-free!" were distributed among the students. Also debates were organized on the topic “Drug addiction prevention for adolescents and young people. Tur-33 group actively participated in the event and provided information on the harm and consequences of drug trafficking. Special video clip was prepared and games were organized with the Tur-23, which was specially invited to the educational hour. The student of the Tour-33 Koblandieva Aizada's red monologue "Father's mistake", which melt hearts of the participants. Then candles were lit on for the "future bright".