Visited the historical mausoleum of Kabanbai batyr

On 29th September of current year he Faculty of Economics of the Eurasian National University under the direction of the teachers of "Management" department Umarbekov A. Zh., Nurmanbetova A.S. and Ersultankyzy A. students of the specialty "state and local administration" and "management" in the framework of the state head of state NA. Nazarbayev "A look into the future: spiritual revival" visited the historical mausoleum of  Kabanbai batyr, one of the national heroes which located near the Astana, where our youth got acquainted with spiritual traditions and customs, and paid homage to the memory of our ancestors. The keeper of the mausoleum and the descendant of  Kabanbai batyr Kamal kazhi Abdrakhman told a lot about our hero, his family and generation, the students were able to ask the most interesting questions and received full answers to them, students were very glad and received spiritual knowledge. It should be mentioned that this year our ancestor Kabanbai batyr is 325 years old.

Do not forget that our duty to show the right way for our young generation, because they are the future of our bright, independent country!