From June 19 to June 29, 2017, Professor of the Department of Finance Esimkhanova Zeynegul Klyshbekovna, along with other colleagues from the university, took courses in the Omsk State Pedagogical University (Omsk, Russia) under the program "Innovations in the development of higher education. Modern methods and technologies of training ". The volume is 72 hours.


OmGPU listened to lectures by professors of the Omsk State Pedagogical University on the organization of electronic and distance learning forms, CDS, on the use of IT technology in education, participated in master classes "University experience in the functioning of distance learning" and "Practical examples of the implementation of e-learning systems, Participation in the work of the round table devoted to the use of IT-technology in higher education.

Hendrik den Ouden, Professor of the University of Cologne (Germany), was lectured on innovative teaching technologies using modern didactic methods and forms of conducting classes with the issuance of a corresponding certificate.

Professor Esymkhanova Z.K. took an active part in the discussion on all the topics of the course, expressing her opinion taking into account the existing practices in education and science of the RK on issues of innovation, modern methods and technology of teaching in higher education.

Between the students of ENU. L.N. Gumilyov and the lecturers held a productive exchange of experience and opened new prospects for their further international cooperation