Congratulations to the students of the Department of "Finance" with a victory at the I International Distance Olympiad in Economics


From April 1 to April 8, 2020, the Leader team of 3 year students Nurzhan Kimbat, Muktar Nurai and Rakhmedullaeva Dimzukhra (head of the candidate of economic sciences A. Azhmukhamedova) took part in the I International Distance Olympiad in Economics, organized by Karaganda Academician E.A. State University Buketova, Department of Economics and International Business.

The Olympiad consisted of two rounds: 1 - "Discourse of an economist", 2 - "Development of a business project." In the individual standings, Muktar Nurai took the third place, losing to students from Belarus and Russia. In the group standings, the Leader team defending a business project took third place.

The Department of Finance congratulates you on your well-deserved award and wishes you further victories!