a guest lecture on the topic "Features of change management in the organization"

N.Nazarbayev in his Message and in the programmatic article "A Course in the Future: Spiritual Renewal" proposed changes within the framework of national consciousness. The President in this article made the following conclusion: "We must be able to change to keep up with life. Anyone who does not understand this will always lag behind. "

For students who are currently studying the theoretical and methodological foundations of the discipline "Change Management", information about the importance and place of the problem in society is very important. To activate work in this direction, the Department of Management of the Faculty of Economics of the Eurasian National University. L.N. Gumilev conduct lectures for students in the field of production and government services and organize work to attract qualified professionals in this field to share experiences.

February 28 was a guest lecture on the topic "Features of change management in the organization" for students and undergraduates of the specialty "State and local government" on the initiative of the senior lecturer of the department "Management" K. S. Saparalieva. The guest lecture was given by the holder of the Bolashak scholarship, the director of the Institute of Eurasian Integration - Nygmetov Gani Saktaganuly.

"The meeting was opened by the candidate of economic sciences, associate professor Saparalieva Kulshat Sailbekkyzy. Kanis Sayatanyly widely disclosed the theme of "Change Management". Participants in this lecture were able to learn skills and tools for effective management of people and teams through organizational changes. During the guest lecture, students learned why change management is so important for successful changes and how effective the actions are, how the elements of the model are used, and how to use tools that support effective change management. They learned about the teams of successful changes, the role and components of the influencing strategies for opposing stakeholders and facilitating the process of change.

At the end of the lecture, students were able to receive answers to questions of interest to them. Dear guest, as a gift, was awarded the book of the rector of the Eurasian National University L.N. Gumilev, Professor E.B. Sydykov.