September 24, 2019 Professor Rakhmetulina Zh.B. in the framework of the discipline "Economics of Innovation" invited representatives of the Scientific Library to conduct a seminar "Innovation in the library of ENU" for 4th year students of the ЕP "Economics".

Innovation activity is the leading direction of the ENU library, with the aim of finding, evaluating, developing and applying library innovations.

Technological level library innovations are implemented in reference, bibliographic and information services in the ENU library; The successful solution of the main task of the library, the support of the educational process and scientific research at the university, depends on how effectively it is organized. Achieving a high level of information support is closely related to the introduction of new information technologies.

 Based on the fact that the main indicator of the effectiveness of training should be not just the amount of knowledge that the student has learned in the learning process, but the ability to independently obtain them, to self-study, the ability to use sources and means of information, and constantly improve their education.

The purpose of this seminar was to train and obtain relevant information about the electronic library system at ENU, as an important part of the educational process in modern conditions.

The main specialists of the Scientific Library - Orazova E.A., Arzhanova A.M., Telibaeva T.I. showed students the new features of the site, advised students how to register for EBS.