24.09.2019 in the framework of the discipline «Commercialization of Innovation» Professor Rakhmetulina Zh. invited the representatives of the ENU library to conduct a practical seminar «Full-text information resources of free access on the issues of commercialization of innovations» for foreign graduate students of the ЕP «Economics», as well as first-year students of a multilingual group.

In order to obtain significant competitive advantages in the market of educational services, modern higher education institutions, along with their main activities, are forced to look for new, additional forms of organizing their activities. One of the factors that can increase the competitiveness of a university is the active implementation of its innovative developments in production and business, their commercialization. This process will entail not only the strengthening of the competitive advantages of the university, but also the establishment of the scientific, technical and financial, social activities of the university in the modern economy. Involvement in the economic turnover of the results of intellectual activity obtained by university scientists is an important factor in strengthening the competitive position of the Kazakhi economy. These commercial aspects are part and essence of the processes of integration of science, education and production.

The purpose of this seminar is to conduct information activities to popularize the idea of commercializing technology at the university.

The main specialists of the Scientific Library are Arzhanova A.M., Telibaeva T.I. In their speech, they emphasized that in order to ensure a system of creation and commercialization of innovations in higher education, it is necessary to concentrate resources and combine science and education for joint efforts to create and promote new products and technologies.

They also talked about new technologies of the scientific library, helped graduate students register on the library sites.