ENU student World champion Togyzkumalak


From April 24 to may 04, 2019 in Turkey, Antalya hosted the national game V world championship Togyzkumalak and intellectual game of the Turkish state world championship Managala I. The competition was attended by more than 100 athletes from 18 countries.


A student of ENU took part in the competition. L. N. Gumilev. Bazaraliev Gulnar. According to the results of the competition among the girls in RAID type togyz kumalak

Bazaraliev Gulnara – took 3rd place and won the title master of sports (MSIS \ ICAP).

Also among the boys from the classic barbecue games:

Bazaraliev Gulnara – took 3rd place.

Among the girls on the face:

Bazaraliev Gulnara – took 3rd place.

Among girls on rapid:

Bazaraliev Gulnara – took 2nd place.


The winners were awarded by the President of the world Federation of togyzkumalak Alikhan Baymenov, Vice-President John Resitzki, President of the Federation of grill Rauf Ozgen, the General sponsor Maksat Ramanculov, President of the togyzkumalak Federation of Zhambyl oblast Batyrbek Kulekeev.