Tour to the kitchen of fast food chain restaurant "KFC"

The meetings are organized with specialists in the service sector in order to get a greater practical focus, during which students receive in-depth practical knowledge based on the recommendations of employers. The students of the 2nd year under the guidance of candidate of economic sciences, associate professor L. Mutalieva, had an excursion tour to the KFC fast-food restaurant chain located on 19 Bogenbai Batyr Street.


At first, the managers of the enterprise conducted a briefing and for sanitary purposes, all put on special disposable robes and caps, then acquainted them with the staff room. The tour was continued with an inspection of the department, where we were shown how carbonated drinks are made, for example, Pepsi, Sprite, etc. Then we saw several different warehouses where the main ingredients, sauces, napkins, and packaging for prepared dishes are stored.

It should be noted that the process of preparing the dishes is very interesting. For example, it was very interesting for students to learn that spicy and non-spicy chicken should to be fried separately, the restaurant branches did not reveal the “secret of 11 spices”, but simply sauces are brought ready-made. Frozen chicken, chopped potatoes and vegetables are brought to KFC branches separately.

An new employee who starts working as a trainee in just a year can be promoted to the manager of the enterprise. It is worth to say that it was very interesting for students to learn about how KFC-like fast food restaurant’s kitchen functions. At the end of the meeting, students were invited for internship and for further employment.