On September 22-23, 2022 prof. Rakhmetulina Zh.B. and 4th year students of educational programs 6B04106 "Economics of Enterprises and Organizations" and 6B04105 "Economics of Entrepreneurship and Business" within the disciplines "Digital Economy" and "Entrepreneurial Risks" participated online in a two-day forum for compliance specialists, security officers, risk managers, lawyers and employees of other departments.

Forum topics:

1. Causes of information leakage and how to avoid them. Speaker Vitaly Perov - TSARKA expert on Offensive security and OSINT, Digital Forensic

2. Conducting financial investigations in conditions of uncertainty: the need and methods of conducting. Speaker Natalia Gordienko - Director of the Deloitte Forensic Group in Kazakhstan, Yulia Aimurzaeva - Senior Manager of the Deloitte Forensic Group in Kazakhstan

3. Processes that interfere with procurement and how to detect them. Speaker Rinata Ilyubayeva - Commercial Director of zakupki.kz and Development Director of kompra.kz

4. Analysis of the latest cases of corporate fraud in 2022. Speaker Sergey Svetushkin - Transparent Deal Project Manager

5. Reducing the risk of Kazakh companies falling under secondary sanctions when working with Russian partners and counterparties. Speaker Sergey Glandin - Ph.D. in Law, Attorney, Partner, Head of Sanctions Law and Compliance Practice at NSP Law Office.

6. Master class "How disinformation can affect business." Speaker Duman Smakov - editor-in-chief of Factcheck.kz

7. Internet fraud. How to recognize modern schemes. Speaker Talgat Azatov is a leading security specialist of KaR-Tel LLP.

8. Evolution of Forensic in Kazakhstan: Past, present, future. Speaker Andrey Kupriy - Forensics Expert, Chief Manager of the Nuclear Security Department of NAC Kazatomprom JSC

9. Business game "Cyberdetective". Speaker Vakhit Salyakhov - corporate security consultant, business intelligence expert