Meeting with employer experts according to the OP “Tourism” and “Catering and hotel business”

Meeting with employer experts according to the OP “Tourism” and “Catering and hotel business” At the Department of Tourism, Faculty of Economics, ENU L.N Gumilyova was organized and held a seminar jointly with employers. The purpose of the event is to discuss ways to improve the educational programs of the department "Tourism" and "Restaurant business and hotel business"

The following employers attended:

6В11102 - Tourism (undergraduate)

- Bayzhanov Nurbol Yerzhanovich, chief expert of the department of domestic and outbound tourism of the Committee for tourism industry of the ISS of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

- Abzhanova Saltanat Agzamovna, director of MTA "Arman Tour".

7M11102 - Tourism (Master's program)

Dzheksenova Ainur Yersainovna, Head of the Promotion, Advertising and Marketing Department of the Committee for Tourism Industry of the ISS of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Esenalieva Aigerim Yerikovna, President of the ALE "Capital Tourism Association".

8D11102 –Tourism (doctoral studies)

Duysengaliev Timur Talashevich - Deputy Chairman of the Board of JSC National Company Kazakh Tourism.

Rey Inna Yurievna - President of the Association of Tour Operators of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Chairman of the Tourist Fund Kamkor Corporate Fund.

6В11103 - Restaurant and hotel business (undergraduate)

Abilkasimova Nazymgul Kenzhebekovna - training supervisor of “Astana Marriot Hotel”.

Akhtaeva Botagoz Seitkhanovna - General Director of the Mumtaz restaurant chain.

7М11103 - Restaurant and hotel business

Isagaliev Serik Berikovich - Operational Manager of the Rixos Astana Hotel.

Agylkan Kyzyrkhan - director of the restaurant complex "Shifu".

The growing needs of employers for qualified personnel of tourism and hotel companies make the problem of interaction between educational institutions and employers more acute. The introduction of applied educational programs that can satisfy a significant part of the staffing needs of tourism and hotel industry enterprises is a factor enhancing the competitiveness of the vocational education services market.

Employers have put forward a number of proposals for updating and updating the content of educational programs in the light of recent reforms and innovations in education.

Based on the results of the discussion, a decision was made which reflected the main results of the professional dialogue that took place and identified promising areas for further work.