Meetings with employers of the Department of Tourism, Faculty of Economics, Eurasian National University. L.N. Gumilyov for 2019-2020 year

Meetings with employers of the Department of Tourism, Faculty of Economics, Eurasian National University. L.N. Gumilyov for 2019-2020 year


The Department of Tourism, in order to obtain a more practical focus, organizes meetings with service industry specialists who conduct master classes, where students receive in-depth practical knowledge based on the recommendations of employers.


On October 9, 2019, a meeting of students of the specialty “Tourism” was organized with representatives of the Sheraton Hotel Nur-Sultan Downtown. Aigul Ermolaeva, Director of the Human Resources Department and Raushan Zhumagalieva, Manager of the Human Resources Department, held a master class on the theme “Make your dreams come true”. A presentation was presented to students about the Sheraton Nur-Sultan Downtown hotel, from which students learned about the opening of this hotel, about the main directions. A representative of the hotel was given out cards with information about the vacancies and contacts of the hotel. Students were able to ask questions of interest to which answers were received. 

On November 13, 2019, a seminar was organized and held on the topic “Effective self-presentation on the labor market: interview with the employer and adaptation at the workplace”. The speaker of the seminar was Isakaliev Serik Berikovich Isagaliev, Operations Manager, Fain Hotel Tourism Ishletmejilik (Rixos President Astana).


This seminar was aimed at preparing young socialists for entering the labor market and subsequent successful employment, and was designed for graduate students - future young specialists.


At the training, students learn to put into practice their knowledge, model some elements of job interviews and, thus, increase the level of preparedness for interviews with potential employers. At the seminar, students learned what adaptation is, what its goals and objectives are. Berik Isagaliev acquainted the graduates with the basic methods and stages of the adaptation process at the first or new workplace.



On February 05, 2020, a training was organized and conducted for students of the Tourism tourism program on the topic of Career Planning, to which Akhtaeva Botagoz, director of the Mumtaz restaurant chain, was invited.


The main purpose of the training is to introduce students to the basic principles of building their future professional careers, as well as to teach students to correctly identify and practically demonstrate the skills and characteristics that are required for successful career planning. In the course of individual and group work, the participants of the training developed a comprehensive idea of ​​the career planning process. Students develop the ability to prioritize according to life values, and also understand the value of the motivational levers of their present and future professional development.


As part of the training, Botagoz Seitkhanovna introduced students to restaurants, cafes, cafeterias, eateries, and canteens that are part of the Mumtaz network. Students got acquainted with the work of the Mumtaz restaurant, as well as with the traditions of culinary excellence. She also spoke about the basic requirements for the premises of food facilities, depending on the functional purpose, the differences. The issues of business organization, management, work with personnel, menus (types of menus), marketing and advertising of the restaurant were discussed. The questions of the psychology of the service are discussed, the general laws of which have their own peculiar coloring.


February 27, 2020 meeting with the training manager of Astana Marriot Hotel. She introduced everyone to the history, management and operation of the hotel. Students received information about the service system and the three intersecting subsystems: service operations; provision of services and marketing of services. Students discussed service issues, classifications of accommodation facilities. Abilkasimova Nazymgul invited students to a practical lesson, as well as an excursion and practical training at Astana Marriot Hotel.



The advantage of holding such meetings with employers is the consolidation of students' theoretical knowledge and the acquisition of professional skills, consultation of practical specialists. The meeting participants can share their ideas on improving the restaurant and hotel business in our country.