Report on research practice of postgraduate students of Tourism department

From January 20 to March 28, of 2019-2020 academic year, 2nd year postgraduate students had a research practice in accordance with the curriculum of the Tourism Department. In the course of research practice, they were engaged in research work on the topics of dissertation and various research projects. Postgraduates also organized and conducted scientific and practical seminars within the framework of the Faculty of Economics on research topics in accordance with the practice plan. The seminars were attended by tutors and students of the faculty.


Report protection was carried out on ZOOM platform. The defense was attended by the chief specialist of the practice department of ENU named after L. N. Gumilyova Kilybaeva Oral Kalievna and supervisors of postgraduates Ph.D. N., Associate Professor Duysembaev, A.A., professor Syzdykbaeva, associate professor Yeshenkulova G.I., Ph.D. N., Associate Professor L. Mutalieva, Ph.D. N., Associate Professor Seydualin D. A., Associate Professor Musina K.P., Doctor of PhD, Associate Professor Agybetova R. E, Doctor of PhD, Associate Professor Adai Sekenuly, Senior Lecturer Rustemova S. M, postgraduate students: Maulen M, Marat A, Aitkenova A, Kuzerbay N, Jacan A, Kanybekova B, Kairbekova D, Anarbay,  A Nurgali. During the online defense, postgraduates presented reports in the form of presentations, talked about published articles and competitions, and reported on the preparation of dissertation works. The research practice of postgraduates was organized at a high level and was very effective. At the end of the practice, several scientific articles by undergraduates were published, and successful research work was carried out.