Acquaintance of the first courses of the department "Accounting and Analysis"

    Despite the difficult period that we are going through, this year's freshmen began their studies at our university.

     Faculty of Economics, Department of "Accounting and Analysis" ... The meeting of the curator with the Kazakh group EA-11 took place on August 31 at 19:00. In a group of 31 students and at the meeting all students participated, at first they had an acquaintance with each other, each student told about himself, what city he was from and his hobby. Thanks to this, they got to know each other even better.

     The curator introduced the students to the university, student life, what organizations we have at the university and familiarized them with the rules of the educational institution. The topic of the meeting: sincere conversation over a cup of tea! Indeed it was, 2 hours of conversation with each other brought the students of the group closer to each other, even taking into account the distance.

     An introductory curatorial hour with the Russian group EA-12 took place on September 2 at 12:00. The curator told about the library of our university, about the Platonus system, about the faculty and the department. The freshmen asked their interesting questions about their studies and the university. The meeting was very atmospheric and helpful for the students

     Two groups of freshmen of the Department of "Accounting and Analysis" made their introductory videos, which we posted on our official instagram and sincerely congratulated them on the new academic year, wishing them only good results in their studies.

    In addition, an online event "Education and Youth" was held, where the rector of our university and the students of "Oner Ortalygy" congratulated them on the new academic year.

    Once again, we congratulate all freshmen on the academic year and wish you only the best!