Information about the UNT

          In 2019, the two-component testing structure remains unchanged: Compulsory in basic subjects. These are the disciplines that make up the General level of the graduate-mathematical literacy, reading literacy and history of the country. Here are the skills you need to demonstrate:

- Mathematical logic, ability to perform basic mathematical actions, knowledge of mathematical concepts and categories.

- Skills of reading and understanding the text, the ability to interpret it, to reflect on what is at stake.

- Knowledge of events, dates and historical processes associated with the formation of Kazakhstan.

Each of the three subjects is assessed with a maximum of 20 points.

An alternative on special subjects. These are two special subjects, without which it is impossible to obtain the profession chosen by the graduate.

A high school student must demonstrate knowledge at two levels of proficiency in the subject: choose one option from the 5 proposed and one correct position from a variety of options. Thus, the depth of knowledge of the subject, the ability to compare, analyze, draw conclusions is checked.

For admission to the Group of educational programs (GOP) of the faculty of Economics, you must choose two core subjects: mathematics and geography or geography and a foreign language.