Department of Economics and entrepreneurship

Vision of the department: to take a leading position in the practice-oriented training of highly qualified specialists for the real sector of the economy, research institutes and become a leading department in training personnel in the specialty "Economics of Entrepreneurship and Business"

Mission of the department: instilling knowledge and developing competencies in students in economics, business development and entrepreneurship. Instilling the skills of scientific research, responsibility for one's choice and the formation of entrepreneurial thinking, an active life position, the creation of a practical skills base for future independent activity in modern market conditions.

The creation of the Department of Economics of the L.N. Gumilyov ENU in 1996 was due to great changes associated with the transition to market relations and an urgent need for personnel in the economic profile

In September 2017, as a result of the merger of the departments "Economics" and "Economic Theory and Antimonopoly Regulation", the Department of "Economics and Entrepreneurship" was founded - a department that graduates personnel in the specialty "Economics", since 2018 under the EP "Economics", "Economics of Entrepreneurship and Business "," Economics of Enterprises and Organizations "," National Economy "," Analytical Economics "and" Economics of PPP "(2020)

Currently, the department implements an educational model: Bachelor's - Master's - Doctorate (PhD) in Economics, which is based on the principles of the Bologna Agreement.

In November 2017, EP 5B050600, 6M050600-Economics passed international accreditation and were accredited for 7 years.

In 2019, they passed international accreditation and was accredited for 7 years by OP 6D050600 - "Economics"

In the IAAR country ranking, in the direction of "Economics" we take 1st and 2nd places for all levels of education

In JSC "Center for the Protection and Development of Competitive Policy" and LLP NIC "Jupiter" there are branches of the department, where on an ongoing basis master's degree classes, practices and trainings for doctoral students of the department are held.

Together with the Department of International Relations, the EP "Digital Diplomacy" on the specialty "5B020200 - International Relations" and the experimental EP "Innovation and International Economic Development" in the specialty "6M020200 - International Relations" are implemented.

In the magistracy (scientific and pedagogical direction), we are implementing a two-degree education jointly with the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia and the Altai State University

About 46% of graduates of EP 5B050600-Economics, of the total number of graduates, on average, annually, are holders of a diploma "with honors".

The teaching staff of the Department of Economics and Entrepreneurship meets the qualification requirements for basic education and the presence of an academic degree and title

12 holders of the title of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan "The best teacher of the university": Doctor of Economics, Professor Maydyrova A.B. (2008), Doctor of Economics, Professor Shalbolova U. Zh. (2005, 2013), Doctor of Economics, Professor Raimbekov Zh.S. (2008, 2015), Doctor of Economics, Professor Baizholova R.A. (2009, 2015), Doctor of Economics, Professor Egemberdieva S.M. (2013), candidate of economic sciences, professor Rakhmetulina Zh.B. (2014), doctor of economic sciences, professor Azatbek T. (2016), candidate of economic sciences, professor Esmagulova N. D. (2017).

The holders of the scholarship of the international program "Bolashak" are: Ph.D. Baizholova R.A., (Russia, RUDN, 2010), Doctor of Economics Egemberdieva S.M. and PhD Myrzakhmet Zh.K. (Great Britain, University College London, 2010-2011), Ph.D. G.A. Kozhakhmetova (Switzerland, Montreux school of Bussines, 2012), Ph.D. Azilkanova S.A. (Holland, Leiden University, 2014), Shaikhanova G.S. (2013, UK). The holders of the State Scientific Scholarship for talented young scientists are Doctor of Economics. T. Azatbek, Ph.D. N.D. Esmagulova, Dosmagambetov N.S.

"The main business of the university is the preparation of good personnel"

The features of the paradigm of entrepreneurial education are the transition from passive perception of knowledge to learning through the implementation of real projects and the reproduction of new knowledge, as well as the continuity of the learning process in time and space, since a person can learn at any time and any place as the need for new knowledge and skills arises. ...


Now, universities are recognized to become a source of new knowledge and technologies, in this context, entrepreneurial education is one of the most dynamically developing areas of activity of the Eurasian National University named after L.N. Gumilyov (hereinafter - ENU named after L.N. Gumilyov).

Currently, there is an active rethinking of the role of the department in the formation of society and economy, which would be based on knowledge. In the context of a shortage of qualified personnel, the department, as a segment of the educational market, is responsible for the training of entrepreneurial and managerial personnel capable of ensuring the growth and competitiveness of the economy, in 2021 the department plans to open a Center for Entrepreneurship and Business and a coworking center.

Strategic priorities of the department

Fit into the quality framework of the world's leading entrepreneurial universities

To train personnel who are able to establish a dialogue between scientists and entrepreneurs in order to commercialize the results of scientific research, develop and implement interesting startup projects, conduct research and development work, R&D.

Expanding the list and opening new master's programs that meet the needs of the modern labor market. Development of new EPs together with ISCT aimed at the implementation of the direction "Economics" (major) and "Strategic trade control of goods and services" (minor) in the magistracy.

During 2020-2021, conducting electives and trainings together with the ISTC and the Central Asian Institute for Development Studies (hereinafter - CAIDS) on the implementation of certification and academic programs in strategic trade control and prepare graduate students for admission to a new EP.

Development of a new EP, within the framework of the double diploma project with the University of Liege (Belgium)

To strengthen practice-oriented training in the EP "Economics of Entrepreneurship and Business" (dual training - 40/60%) aimed at developing entrepreneurial skills with the participation of employers and the business environment.

Development of innovative teaching methods remotely, using different information platforms

Development and strengthening of international collaboration


Basic principles of organizing research activities

Improving the quality and effectiveness of research activities of the teaching staff through strengthening qualifications and new knowledge gained through studying the theory and practice of foreign experience

Implementation of complex interdisciplinary research

Development of cooperation with research teams of the university and leading universities

Development of scientific schools of economic profile with an analytical component.

Consolidation of research work around the main directions of the department's activities

Mandatory participation of students, undergraduates and doctoral students in the research work of the department

Grant activity

Scientific publications

Organization of interdisciplinary scientific seminars with the invitation of external

professionals and employers

Public presentation of research results on the department website

Basic principles of organizational and social activity

Exploring the possibilities of participating in international projects and competitions

Signing cooperation agreements with companies and industrial enterprises

Organization of joint master's programs, PhD training programs with foreign universities

Academic mobility of teachers and students to strengthen competencies

Department brand creation

Support for creative activity and social activity of students and teachers through a high level of motivation