Department of Accounting and Analysis



The Department "Accounting and analysis" was created in 2004 by the decision of the Academic Council of L.M. Gumilyov ENU as a result of division into two independent departments the Department "Accounting, audit and analysis"was created.

Much of the credit for its establishment and development belongs to the first head of the Department - candidate of economic Sciences, associate Professor Nurhalievoj Dyulparis Musakulovne and initial composition which in addition to the head, consisted of 5 people: Tazhikenova Sapiya Kargabaevna - candidate of Economics, associate Professor Abdrahmanov Satubaj Hadzhimuratovich – senior teacher; Zhunusova Raushan Bolatovna senior teacher; Reіdolda Saulegul - senior teacher; Erseitova Hadisha Abdrazakovna - senior lecturer. The first graduation of specialists was carried out by the Department in 2004 and helped to expand the composition of teaching staff from among its best graduates: Ahanova Nazgul' Ermekovna; Iskakova Ajgul' Bolatbekovna; Omarova Gul'naz Muratovna; CHebodaeva Amina Mihajlovna.

Management of the Department in different periods was carried out by prominent scientists in the field of accounting and auditing such as:, professor Sejdahmetova Favziya Sihimbaevna – 2006-2008g.g.;, professor Arzybaev Atabek Alibekovich – 2008-2009g.g.;, professor Alenova Karlygash Tolebaevna – 2009-2011g.g.;, i.o. docenta Saparbaeva Saule Saulebaevna – 2011-2012g.g.;

d .eh.n., docent Sadvokasova Kulyash ZHabykovna -2012-2013gg.;, docent Alibekova Balsheker Ashikbaevna – 2013-2017g.g.;, docent Bejsenovoj Lyazzat Ziyadenovna - 2017-2018 g.g., docent Kajranbekov Bauyrzhan Oktashevich – 2018-2019 g.g. 1 p.g.

Since 2019, the Department heads candidate of economic Sciences, associate Professor, Amanov Gulnara Dusembaevna.

For 2008-2015 4 lecturer (F.S. Sejdahmetova, K.T. Alenova, B.A. Alibekova, A.B. Omasheva, Amanova G.D.) became the owner of the grant MES "the Best teacher of the University". 5 teachers passed scientific and pedagogical training in the leading universities of the world, having won the international grant of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Bolashak" (B. A. Alibekova - Economic University of Krakow (Poland), F. S. seidakhmetov - University. T. Bati (Czech Republic); B. O. Turebekova University of Cambridge (United Kingdom); N. N. Tastanova – RUDN (Russian Federation), Ilyas A. K. – University of Virginia (USA). Senior lecturer A. K. Ilyas completed an internship in the international program Erasmus Mundus at the technical University "Otto-von-Guericke" (Germany) and continued her education in this program at the University of Santiago De Compostella (Spain) on the PhD program. Associate professors B. O. Turebekova and S. S. saparbayeva took part in international seminars in France and Belgium, devoted to topical problems of higher education development.

The Department trains specialists in the following areas:

5B050800 - Accounting and audit (bachelor's degree);

6M050800 - Accounting and audit (master's degree).

Teaching staff of the Department:

The degree of the Department is 66.66%. Including associate Professor - 2, docents – 6, senior teachers – 4.

5 teachers became the owners of the grant of MES RK "the Best teacher of the University".

5 teachers passed scientific and pedagogical training in the leading universities of the world, having won the international grant of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Bolashak".

In may 2014, all specialties of the Department passed specialized accreditation in the national accreditation Agency of NAAR for a period of 5 years.

In the Independent ranking of universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the areas and levels of training of specialists specialty 5B050800, 6M050800 – "Accounting and audit" since 2014 occupy a leading position, which is the result of coordinated and creative work of the Department. In 2016, the specialty 5B050800 - "Accounting and audit", 6M050800 - "Accounting and audit" in the rating of the Independent Kazakhstan Agency for quality assurance in education (ncaoko) took the 1st place, and in the rating of the Independent Agency of accreditation and rating (NAAR) received the 2rd place.

In 2019, two levels of training of the Department 5B050800-Accounting and auditing, 6M050800-Accounting and auditing successfully passed international accreditation for 7 years.

In 2019, the specialty 6M050800– Accounting and audit took the 3rd place in the rating of the independent accreditation and rating Agency (IAAR) and successfully passed the state accreditation for 5 years.

In 2018, the Department of "Аccounting, audit and analysis" was divided into two departments: the Department of "Аccounting, audit and analysis" and "State audit".

By order of the rector of  L.N. Gumilyov ENU №2043-SP from 02 November 2018 Department "Accounting, audit and analysis" renamed the Department "Accounting and analysis".

The composition of teaching staff: In connection with the change in the composition of the Department "Accounting and analysis" in the 2019-2020 academic year, the Department worked 12 teachers: associate Professor: Amanova G.D., Saparbaev, S.T.; Docents Karabekov B.O., Akimov B.J., Moldabaeva L.P., PhD, Golaeva R.A. Senior lecturers: Reidolda S, Danayev R.S., Bekbulatova A.T., Ilyas A.K., Ospanova E.O. 

Senior lecturer Ilyas S.K. defended his doctoral thesis in Spain and became a PhD.