Material and technical resources

At the Department there are computer classes - 612, 613 audiences in ELB. Classes are provided with computers in the amount of 20 units with the license program "1C: Accounting 8 for Kazakhstan, ed. 4.0", and Industry solutions ( government agencies, in agriculture, in construction, in trade and in the food industry) educational version with access to the Internet and the local network of the University. The bandwidth of the Internet network in the ELB is 4Mbit per second.
Lecture hall 117 ELB, assigned to the Department of "Accounting and analysis", equipped with an interactive whiteboard, LCD – projector, equipped with specialized stands for audit and accounting.
In the reporting year, in accordance with the applications of the Department received and used in the educational process the following technical means:
1. multifunctional device laser format A4 Canon + SENSYS MF 3010, 14005177, invoice, transfer of OS No. 175 from 10.02.2015;
2. copying machine Canon image PUNNER 3202, 14005140, invoice, transfer of OS No. 175 from 10.02.2015;
3. projector ORTONA X 316, 14001961, invoice, transfer of OS No. 334 from 06.04.2015 G.