Department of "Management"

The Department of Management is a structural division of Economic Faculty of L.N. Gumilyov ENU, it provides education of high skilled managers, who are capable of solving problems and fulfilling business objectives with taking into account current trends of development of Republic of Kazakhstan’s national economy.

Mission of the department is to train qualified professionals in the field of management capable of working effectively in modern conditions, to provide competitive specialists to the labor market of Kazakhstan while realizing the concept of life-long education and implementing innovative approaches in education. 

Main objective of the department is to train competitive specialists in the field of management and public administration, to serve the interests of the university and students regarding the quality education, to provide every undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate student an opportunity to customize the content of the program. 

Objectives of the department are:

- to increase flexibility of the mechanism of educational program implementation to fully meet requirements of the State Obligatory Standard of Education (SOSE) and the labor market;

- to provide courses of the department at a high theoretical, methodological and practical levels;

- to form relevant database of training, educational and methodical materials for classroom and out-of-class (independent) activities, which are developed and updated with participation of employers’ representatives (business structures) and their practical materials;

- to form motivating environment for advanced achievements of students, and also values, beliefs and habits promoting personal and professional growth, a wide-scale identity of future manager;

- to systematically organize and carry out scientific and applied researches within the school of science with students’ participation on current problems and tasks of business;

- to assist organization of practices, internships, and trainings for students.

The department provides education in the following levels and programs:

- Bachelor level:

5В050700 – «Management» and 5В051000 – «State and local government»;

- Master level:

6М050700 – «Management» and 6М051000 – «State and local government» in both professional and scientific-pedagogical directions. Also 6M050700 – «Management» program has joint-degree programs in the following specializations: «International management» and «Management of international projects»;

- Doctoral level:

6D051700 – «Innovation management».

Head of the department is a doctor of economic sciences, prof. Tolysbayev Baurzhan Sovetovich.

Faculty of the department is well-formed out of highly qualified scholars. Today the department has 25 full-time lecturers, including:

- 2 doctors of sciences, professors;

- 14 associated professors, docents;

- 8 senior lecturers;

- 1 masters (graduates).

In the 2021-2022 academic year, 44 students were accepted to the specialty "Management" and 19 students were accepted to the specialty "State and Local Management", which were divided into four academic groups (groups with the Kazakh language of instruction: MN-11, GMU-11; with the Russian language of instruction: MN-12, UchR-12).


In total, 307 students are registered at the Department of Management for the 2021-2022 academic year, including 161 students in the specialty "Management", 106 students in the specialty" State and Local Administration", and 40 students in the specialty" Public Administration".

The department annually invites visiting-professors from Higher Educational Institutions (HEI) of Europe, USA, China and Russia to lecture undergraduate and graduate students and doctoral candidates. In different years, following professors were lecturing and conducting classes in the department: Cameron A. (School of Management, University of Bradford, UK), Hajek P. (Economic University in Prague, Czech Republic), Scharff W. (RI «Analysis of environment and innovative technology», Germany), Kudys E. (Xinjiang state university, China) and etc. 

Faculty members of the department actively use modern information technologies and conduct researches related to the prioritized directions of industrial and innovative development of Kazakhstan. Research outcomes of faculty members are applied in the industry and academic processes. On the ground of these outcomes average courses and author courses are developed and renovated, tutorials and seminars are based, theses and dissertations are performed. 





Faculty members of the department, undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students are directly involved in the organization and execution of scientific conferences and seminars. The department pays significant attention to practical education of students - applying gained knowledge at the advanced entities of the republic. For this purpose, bases of practice are determined: ministry of national economy, national companies and leading large enterprises. In these institutions students receive organizational, managerial, technological, economic and pre-defense practices, prepare course works and diploma theses.

Students of the department show remarkable progress in education and scientific activities. Many undergraduate and graduate students are winners and runners-up of the international and republican subject Olympic Games and scientific competitions. Also, students have an opportunity to be trained in joint-degree programs. Strategic partners of the department are Peoples' Friendship University of Russia and Novosibirsk State University (Russia). After graduation of these joint-degree programs students receive European standard diplomas. For undergraduate and graduates students education in these joint-degree programs are carried out on the basis of grant financing.

Also, the department actively cooperates with international organizations and their representatives in Kazakhstan (Informational and educational center of Central Asia, Education First ‘Academic programs’, Kazakhstan Council for Education Travel CCUSA Kazakhstan AIESEC, ‘Bolashak’ program and etc.) and with regional and international Higher Educational Institutions, like: Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (Moscow), Novosibirsk State University (Russia), Belarus State University (Minsk) and etc.

Since creation of the department, more than 1000 specialists-managers have graduated it, majority of them work in executive positions of organizations in Kazakhstan and abroad.