Department of "Management"


The Department of Management is a structural subdivision of the Faculty of Economics of the L.N. Gumilyov ENU, which trains highly qualified managers who are able to solve business problems and tasks taking into account current trends in the development of the national economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The mission of the department is to implement the concept of continuing education and introducing innovative approaches to educational activities, to train highly qualified specialists in the field of management, able to act effectively in modern conditions, to provide competitive specialists of the labor market of Kazakhstan.

The main goal of the department is to train competitive specialists in the field of management and public administration, to satisfy the interests of the university and students in obtaining quality education, to provide each student, undergraduate and doctoral student with ample opportunities in choosing the content of training.

Tasks of the department:

- increasing the flexibility of the implementation of educational programs for full compliance with the requirements of the SES and the labor market;

- conducting theoretical, methodological and practical classes in the disciplines of the department at a high level;

- formation of educational and methodological materials and a base for classroom and extracurricular (independent) work, students using developed and updated practical materials with the participation of representatives of the employer (business structure),

- motivation of students to high achievements based on trust and skills, as well as values that contribute to the formation of personality, personal and professional development of the future manager;

- conducting scientific and practical research on topical issues and tasks of business within the framework of a scientific school with the participation of students;

- cooperation with organizations for internships, trainings on improving students.

Currently, the department implements a three-stage model of training on the credit system of training, in accordance with the Bologna Declaration: bachelor - master- PhD. The students of the department demonstrate outstanding success in their studies and scientific activities. Many students and undergraduates are winners and prize-winners of international and republican subject Olympiads and scientific competitions.  Also, the department actively cooperates both with international organizations and their representative offices in Kazakhstan (Information and Educational Center – Central Asia Education First "Academic Programs"; Kazakhstan Council for Education Travel CCUSA Kazakhstan AIESEC,; Bolashak program, etc.), and higher educational institutions of the far and near abroad: Russian Friendship University Peoples (RUDN), Moscow; Belarusian State University, Minsk, etc. Over the years of its activity, the department has graduated more than 1,000 specialist managers, most of whom work in senior positions of enterprises, organizations, companies in Kazakhstan and foreign countries.